Created an AR shopping
app for Samsung

Helping customers to select the right consumer appliance for their preferred corner

  • Project Name

    Samsung mirage

  • Platforms

    iOS & Android

  • Client’s Industry

    Consumer electronics



Samsung is a South Korea based multinational company that has several companies and subsidiaries across the globe. They are the market leader in varied industry verticals and offer a wide range of products worldwide.

Consumer electronics is one of the domains where the client holds the prime position amongst its competitors by manufacturing the next-generation electronic appliances for professional and personal use.

Samsung has a powerful brand presence and a loyal customer base across the globe. The Singapore unit of Samsung wanted to deliver an immersive and interactive shopping experience to the customers by developing an Augmented Reality app.


What was the objective of the client?

Samsung Singapore wanted to enable the customers with “try before you buy” experience by developing an Augmented Reality app. They wanted to enable the customers with a highly realistic view of the consumer appliance in their personal and professional premises by augmented virtual appliance on the real-world location.

The client offers a wide range of consumer appliances to the customer, but they wanted to create an immersive experience for the three products that include television, washing machine, and refrigerator.

For televisions and refrigerators, Samsung Singapore wanted to deliver personalized experiences along with interactive and immersive product displays.

If we talk about televisions, users can augment the television on their preferred location with or without stand. When it comes to refrigerators, the client wanted to allow customers to view the exact interior of each refrigerator along with the exterior. Moreover, the buyers can change the color of a refrigerator that suits their defined location.

How Bevond helped the
client in achieving the

Bevond developed and implemented a consumer-facing AR app for iOS and Android platforms. The app allows Samsung customers to see each product with a 3D view to provide them a better clarity about the look and feel of the consumer appliance.

To enable customers with an exact view of refrigerators, televisions and washing machines in their decided location, we utilized advanced capabilities of AR technologies such as area learning, depth perception, and motion tracking.

Bevond developed an admin panel where the client can manage appliance details and push all the information on the consumer app.

Key Features of
the App


Development and
integration of 3D models

Bevond team developed high definition 3D models of refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions. We implemented motion tracking, area learning, and depth perception features over the models so when the users augment the virtual appliances on real-world locations, they get a realistic view of Samsung products.

Buyers can select a product from the consumer-facing AR app and scan the area where they want to set the product using their smartphone. The app will automatically impose the 3D model of the selected product on the screen.


Shoppers can have a highly realistic view of consumer products in their preferred place.

Product customization

Buyers can interact with the 3D models of the appliances to view them from different angles. The AR app allows them to augment different colors on the chosen product. For televisions, the customers can impose them on the preferred location with or without stand.

For refrigerator, we have designed 3D models of interior and exterior as per the specific design of the products.


Allow customers to apply varied accessories and colors on the product by enabling them with advanced customization.


End-to-end shopping experience

The brand can add product information from the admin panel. Users can access the product catalog from the consumer AR app to get the details about appliances. Buyers need to select an appliance from the product catalog and scan the place where they want to place the product. The app will augment the appliance in the preferred place.

Using the AR app, the shoppers can shortlist the products, email the list to themselves, add products in the shopping cart, and make an online purchase.


The app increases customer conversion rate as they can buy the Samsung products online by making instant payment.

Multi-country support

As the client targeted Singapore and India regions, they wanted to display only those products that are available for sale in both the regions. The client can update all the product information for the respective countries using the admin panel and users can access the appliance detail using the AR app.


Allow customers to apply varied accessories and colors on the product by enabling them with advanced customization.


Multilingual support

The app supports multiple languages to make the customers of different region comfortable to search their preferred products and take the necessary actions. English is set as a default language for the app.

Apart from that, the app supports the languages of Singapore and India. Offering multilingual support, the brand wanted to drive customer engagement by providing them the product information in their native language.


Buyers can feel connected and comfortable with the brand while making a purchase.

Store locator integration

To enable customers with the list of Samsung stores available in Singapore and India, we implemented the store locator feature. The users can view all the details about the stores such as a postal address, contact number, contact person, email address, etc. It allows customers to visit the nearest Samsung store and purchase the appliances in offline mode.

We integrated an online store directory in the admin panel to manage a database of all the stores available across India and Singapore.


It becomes easy for the customers to find nearby stores using the AR app and convert the busting decisions into actions.


Business impacts/benefits
of the app

shopping experience

Provided “try before you buy” experience to the customers to make the well-informed buying decision. It has reduced the possibilities of product return and refunds tremendously. The app enables users with an extremely personalize and unforgettable journey that has improved customers’ shopping experience with Samsung than the other brand.

customer engagement

Providing an interactive and immersive and presentation of consumer appliances, the client can deliver a highly realistic experience to the customers. It helps the shoppers to choose the right appliance with the right specifications and color that suit their corporate or residential premises.

Technology stack

  • obj_c
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