Drive Sales and Engage Consumers with Emerging Technologies

Sales and Marketing are vital and inevitable of every business in today's competitive world. It does not matter what product or service you sell, but how effectively it reaches your customer decides the success of your business. Leveraging Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies in Sales and Marketing is the trending technique in the current market. Bevond offers end-to-end experiential sales and marketing solutions using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to connect your users with product by placing your brand image closer to the consumers’ eye.

Gain Major Benefits With AR/VR

Companies incorporate AR technology into their business to satisfy the needs of their customer sophistication and engage them to read through about their products or services at the same time, and know how to surpass their expectations.

Rich and interactive user experience

AR and VR technologies offer immersive and rich user experience in several areas.

For instance, virtual reality provides a personalized touch in front of your customer and makes them feel that they are seeing the process/ events in reality.

Similarly, augmented reality lets your customer experience the positive touch of content published about the product or service by business owners in the form of interactive 3D models with animations, images and such digital resources to drive you sales.

Your customers will get to know information such as what products are on sale, discounts, and offers; similarly, if you want to buy a house or rent it, you have apps that provide a clear vision with interactive ways to deliver an ‘almost-present’ feeling experience.

Tailoring personalized content

AR and VR are considered as the fourth major platform after PC, web, and mobile devices, as they can cause a vast disruption in the existing business models. AR/ VR shows tremendous impact by creating personalized content. Marketers can shift to AR/ VR technologies to showcase to the customer that they truly understand them, as customers demand buying experience which is tailored to their requirements.

Reader's connection with the published content

Printed copies never disappear; likewise, content published on the AR/VR platform has provided a new storytelling medium and revenue stream. Augmented reality in the publishing stream has excellent advantages over virtual reality, similar to other industries. You do not require adopting any new wearables, as it allows access to all content on your smartphones and also motionless content becomes alive and boosts your online content. Content in the form of storytelling attracts readers to stay on the page and impresses them to buy a product or service.

Reduces language barriers

So far, the technology we had right from the telegraph to the Internet replicates the basic human interaction that connects face-to-face. Video calling, photos, videos, gifts, texts are all substitutes for such formal communication in recent days. There are chances that most audiences may not understand the common language followed by others. It varies demographically, and sometimes, the content requires translation. It is not assured that it may work properly. But with AR/VR, you can bring in real-time presentations in front of your customer in their desired language which helps you pitch your sales like a breeze.

Improved brand awareness via social shares

Social media being the new channels for increasing brand awareness, AR and VR has the capability to personalize the features of social media that enables people to experience content at a deeper level and build first-person perception. Leveraging the power of AR/ VR, brands can share the augmented content created through social media. This highly elevates your brand awareness and also acts as an effective mode to reach customers.

We, at Bevond, help you attain these benefits with effective implementation of AR/VR technology by understanding your business motive clearly and providing eye-catching solutions.

How to Boost Sales with AR/VR

In today's advanced technical world, there are many ways to improve your marketing strategies with
the help of AR/VR technology.

Customize your marketing campaigns

customer's real-time data to know their preferences and display products accordingly. Like how Amazon has its footprint in multiple shopping categories and displays its customer preferences with their recent search history.

Improvise your print ad campaigns

Build the gap between print and digital by transforming your printed text into digital content. As consumer behavior adapts to changing technology, you should also leverage these technologies for capturing the market.

Enable trial before a product purchase

Most of the products sold online tend to have more cancellations because of how happy the customers are with the product on display in contrast to losing the satisfaction of getting the product not par with their expectation. Hence brands such as Rolex, WatchBox, and such developed AR platforms, allowing their customers to try their products virtually before purchasing.

Use game elements in advertisements

Most companies apply gamification/ gaming themes and elements of game design to the real-time environment to engage their target audience. When you combine gamification and AR features, you can form a new era of purchasing tendency for your customers.
We ensure that your business achieves success in every level of AR/VR technology application when
partnered with us. We care for you and support your business, reaching the next level.

Why VR & AR innovations in Your Sales and Marketing Strategy?

Augmented reality can help you perform the following:

  • Develop sales and decrease product returns
  • Improve buyer's buying decision making
  • Provide a customized shopping experience
  • Keep your target customers updated and informative
  • Increase market reach up to 200%
  • Create an unbelievable effect in a concise period

Our dedicated team of technical experts is capable of creating such intuitive AR/VR apps and those not only to establish your business among the top companies but also to be a role model for emerging companies that rely on technology.

Our AR/VR advertising would be engaging, interactive, and efficient. With the aid of top-notch technology, our AR-based sales and marketing tactics would have enormous advantages.


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