Enabled Omron to present
extremely realistic movements
of industrial robots

A highly interactive AR app allows the client to customize configurations & values of large industrial robots

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    iOS & Android

  • Client’s Industry

    Industrial robot manufacturer

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Founded in 1933, Omron is a multinational company headquartered in Japan. The client is a global market leader in Industrial Automation, Electronic and Mechanical Components and Healthcare products electronic equipment, electronics, and healthcare domains. They offer diversified product lines that involve automotive electronics, industrial automation, and medical devices.


What were the challenges of the client?

In the division of industrial automation, they manufacture industrial robots. These robots are large in size and not easy to take to the customer’s location for a demonstration.

Earlier, the client used to introduce industrial robots to the customers through PowerPoint presentations, videos, flyers, brochures, etc. But, when customers demand to check the actual function of the robots, the sales representative had to ask them to visit the manufacturing plant of Omron.

The Singapore based unit of Omron wanted to address this challenge with the help of Augmented Reality. The client wanted to make the sales demo more realistic, interesting and informative by creating a highly interactive AR app.

The client wanted to build an AR app that allows sales representatives to configure the robot by setting the custom values for locations and joints of the robots so that the end customers can get better clarity about the movement of actual robots as per their requirements. The ultimate goal of the client was to drive conversions immediately.

Challenges faced
by the Credencys team

Credencys team gathered client requirements and started developing the Augmented Reality app. During the development phase, we faced few critical requirements. Here are those challenges faced and addressed by our team to deliver a successful Solution.

  • In general mathematics, the radian range is counted in 360°. For the industrial robot, the radians range is counted in -180° and +180°. In general mathematics, the degree ranges from 0° through 360°. However for implementing the degree of rotation for robots, the degree range had to be considered from -180° through +180°.

    To address this challenge, our development team took the help of electrical engineers and mechanical engineers. We understood how to calculate radians range to achieve the exact motion of industrial robots.
  • We had to display the safety area and light curtain area in the AR app by considering the radians.
  • We converted X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz values into 𝛳₁, 𝛳₂, 𝛳₃, 𝛳₄, 𝛳₅, 𝛳₆ to adjust the rotation convention of the robots.
  • The client wanted to generate the proposal document automatically from the AR app. The document should contain all values and data inserted by the sales executive during a demonstration. And, the information has to be presented in a well-formatted way in the document.

How Credencys helped the client in achieving the objective?

Credencys developed an AR app that allows sales representatives of Omron to give a lifelike presentation of its eight different industrial robots just by scanning a marker image. We developed a web-based admin panel for the admin user of Omron to add, update and view information about the different payload, grippers, components, and sales executives.

The Augmented Reality app allows sales executives of Omron to:

  • Collect customer information and requirements
  • Configure eight different industrial robots of Omron
  • Set the custom values “From” and “To” for locations and joints to define movements of the robot’s arms
  • Load preferred Grippers from multiple options,
  • Select additional components required by the customer
  • Display Work Area (On or Off)
  • Select payload from multiple options
  • Display Safety Sensors around the robot during the animation
  • Provide a demo of virtual yet fully functional industrial robot
  • Take screenshots of the robots from different angles (when the virtual robot functions, the sales executive can pause the movement and take screenshots)
  • Collect additional customer requirements through a form and address them
  • App automatically generates the proposal document based on the robot configuration and animation and info filled by the sales executive.
  • The proposal is sent in the email with all the details gathered during the presentation (client information, configured robot, custom values of locations and joints, preferred components, screenshots, and additional customer requirements).

The web-based admin panel allows Omron for:

  • User management (admin can add and remove the app users from back-end)
  • Report management
  • Product Category management
  • Product management (admin can add, edit & remove product image and information)
  • Gripper management (admin can add, edit & remove images and information of different grippers)
  • Payload management (admin can add, edit & remove images and information of different pick-up objects)

Key Features of
the App


New report / view

In the New Report feature, sales executives can collect the client information before moving ahead for a demonstration. With the help of View Report, filed sales staff of Omron can view their respective reports.

marker-based AR

The sales executive needs to scan a print marker of Omron to view the different robots on the mobile screen and accomplish the demonstration of industrial robots.


Configure robot

The sales executives can adjust values for the locations of industrial robots as per the specific needs of the end customer to enable them with a realistic demonstration.

To adjust location values, the sales executive needs to define precise values for X, Y, Z, Yaw, Pitch, Roll, and Z Travel that defines the movement of the industrial robots.

The AR app allows the sales representative to define 10 locations for the robot by entering 20 values (“From” and “To”).

AR app allows the sales team to define values for the robot’s joints, up to six joints. Users can define 10 locations and 20 values (“From” and “To”) for each joint.

Customizable configuration
of components

Sales representatives can select the preferred components from a variety of options for grippers, pick up objects, work areas, and safety sensors. The app allows configuring components in the augmented robot to get an exact idea of how the real robot will function.


Capture screenshots

The app allows users to take screenshots of different movements of the robots. But, they have to select any four to be considered in the quotation.

Coming soon features

Customer requirement form

Along with the demonstration, the app allows the sales representative to collect additional information from the customer about their custom requirements.

They can note down robot requirements, process requirements, and tooling requirements in the form. It helps them to deliver the exact robot that the customers look for.

Automated proposal creation

Once the sales representatives fill all the details in the form and submit it, the app generates a detailed proposal document and sent to the respective sales executive.

The app fetches every information (each value, client details, additional customer requirements, etc.) and displays the data in a well-organized way in a document.

The proposal covers problem statements, field photos, and findings, simulation results (involves values of the robot’s location, joints, speed, and cycle time), robot application assessment sheet, and ultimately the quotation.

Generate an estimated quotation

The quotation covers the client information, product name, item description, unit price, quantity and expected price.

Business impacts/benefits
of the app

customer engagement

The sales executives can provide an exact view of how the robot will function by defining the custom values of locations and joints. The virtual robot moves just like an actual one. It drives tremendous customer engagement for Omron.

Boost sales

With a more realistic presentation, sales representatives of Omron can easily win the trust of customers during a demonstration. They can leverage the instant customer conversion. As the app generates a proposal instantly, the sales team can provide an estimated quotation quickly that helps them to close the business deal successfully and quickly.

Technology stack

  • Swift
  • obj_c
  • obj_c
  • obj_c
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