Created VR experience
for Maruti Suzuki

Providing an overview of Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS car through the Virtual Reality app

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Maruti Suzuki is a leading automobile manufacturer from India that launches many hi-tech cars every year in the Indian passenger car market. Being a market leader in low to medium budget car manufacturing domain, the brand launched a new dealership program in 2015 for the premium cars called “NEXA”. Currently, the company sells Belano, Belano RS, Ciaz, Ignis, and S-cross cars under the NEXA brand.


What was the objective of
the client?

The client wanted to launch its new model of Belano RS under the NEXA brand. They wanted to enable its customers with an immersive experience of Belano RS during tradeshows, in automobile expos, and at showrooms. They wanted to drive tremendous customer engagement and ultimately to boost sales of the new model.

How Bevond helped the
client in achieving the

Bevond developed a Virtual Reality application for both iOS and Android platforms that allows customers to view 360° videos of the Baleno RS car interior, exterior, and engine. Moreover, we allowed customers to have a virtual drive using a VR headset.


Key Features of
the App

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Immersive driving

To enable customers with the immersive experience of Maruti Suzuki Belano RS, we offer a virtual tour of the car in four different ways.

  • Interior (from the driver's point of view
  • Exterior (from a camera stick to one of the sides of the car)
  • Trivia (Third person perspective)
  • Drone (Top view/Bird's eye view)

Multiple modes

The app consists of two modes to view the car: Standard mode and VR mode. Standard mode allows customers to have a normal view of the car’s interior, exterior, and engine parts. In VR mode, the customer needs to wear a VR headset to have an immersive view of Baleno RS’s interior, exterior, and engine design.

Once a user chooses among the given mode, he/she will need to select from the two experiences that are Drive and Engine.


Gaze control integration

Integration of gaze controller is essential to track the motions of the user’s neck and eyes and move the 360-degree video in that particular direction.

Business impacts/benefits
of the app

Increased Sales

The implementation of experiential marketing was a successful experience for Maruti Suzuki. They delivered a more realistic view of the car to the customers. It helped the brand to gain a competitive edge and generate more revenue with increased sales.

customer engagement

Providing immersive driving experience to the customers, the client was able to drive more customer engagement. The Virtual Reality app also helped them increase the brand value of “NEXA”.

Technology stack

  • Swift
  • obj_c
  • obj_c