3D demonstration of the chemical mixing process with AR sales toolkit

Enabled Lonza to display how its device processes the chemicals by developing an interactive AR app

  • Platforms

    iOS & Android

  • Client’s Industry

    Chemical and biotech



Lonza is a Switzerland based multinational chemical and biotech company, headquartered in Basel. The company provides product development services such as fine, organic and performance chemicals, chemical synthesis capabilities, detection systems and services, and custom manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals for biologic and pharmaceutical companies.


What was the objective of the client?

The sales representatives of Lonza needed to provide a demonstration of 4D-Nucleofector. The device has different units LV Unit, X Unit, and Y Unit. They wanted to display how the different units of 4D-Nucleofector help pharmaceutical companies in creating custom chemicals.

How Bevond helped the
client in achieving the

Bevond developed an Augmented Reality app that addresses the challenges of the Lonza by enabling customers with a highly realistic demonstration of LV Unit, X Unit, & Y Unit of 4D-Nucleofector.

The app allows sales executives to provide a demo, access the resources (documents and videos) and showcase varied experiments with all the three units.


Key Features of
the App


marker-based AR

Sales executives of Lonza need to scan a marker to view the units of 4D-Nucleofector. They can augment any of the three units on the screen and provide a demo to the customers. The AR app also displays how units (LV unit, X Unit and Y Unit) help pharmaceutical companies in forming customized chemicals.

Designed 3D models of

Lonza wanted to provide a demonstration of all three units LV, X, and Y. To enable customers with a realistic experience, we designed the 3D models of each device.


Overlaid information
about device parts

The app allows sales representatives to show the name of different parts of the devices to customers. To view the name and information about the part, sales executives need to tap on “🛈” (info icon).

Access to Lonza

“Resources” is another key feature of the app. It allows sales representatives to access the articles, brochures, flyers, and videos of Lonza’s 4D-Nucleofector and show them to the customers.


Try new chemical

Lonza uses this feature mainly for the training purpose. The new joiners can easily understand how the devices work by trying different experiments.

Sales executives can also leverage this feature where they can try the experiment of customer’s choice and show them how the devices work to form custom chemicals.

Business impacts/benefits
of the app

Effective demonstration of
the chemical process

Animation of different units of 4D-Nucleofector device enables customers with the next level of clarity about how Lonza devices process the chemicals.

Increased sales

The AR app offers a lifelike experience to the customers. They can view the entire chemical process performed by the different devices of the Lonza. It helps them to buy the right device that suits their requirements. It directly improves conversion rate and boosts the revenue stream of Lonza.

Technology stack

  • Swift
  • obj_c
  • obj_c