AR/VR technology-based apps for industrial training – an insight by Bevond, your best app development partner

Bevond, as a successful app development company, has launched its footprint in AR/VR technology embedded in industrial training as well. We deliver quality applications for your industrial training needs and ensure your organization stands top in providing on-the-job experience to your employees.

Benefits Of Inculcating AR and
VR into Industrial Training

Skilled manpower alone is not sufficient to strengthen and support the growth of an
organization. You need technology that captures the entire crowd, motivates them to work
more efficiently than they are and improves your industry image among your competitors and
also gets you a place in the market. AR and VR are such technologies that introduce
innovation in their every application and allow you to grow larger and larger.

Avoid Risky or Safety Concerns

If you are into construction, armed forces, mechanical or hospital, using AR/VR technology provides you a wide aspect of practice how many times you want and then implement it in reality so that it avoids unnecessary fear or doubts when you go live on your job. For example, we all know that doctors’ jobs involve risk during surgeries. Moreover, if you are a practitioner, you require great training and support from technology. At this point, practicing through virtual reality gives you enough experience in handling a case perfectly.

Safe & Bore-free Environment

If your dream is to join in a job of saving your country and people in any form such as military, defense, police, fire-fighting, etc., then you require AR/VR in your training for effectiveness, reliability and acquainting real-time experience of your classes. AR/VR allows you to get trained independently, and so you get frequent breaks to rest your mind from listening to continuous classes.

Quality Training & Practical Knowledge

The video or virtual training you receive is of high definition quality that interests you to learn quickly and easily. Also, assessments during your training will be practical; so you deal with real-time scenarios that help you understand the complexity in your job and allow you to perform well when you go live.

Saves Time & Money by Performing Remotely

If your industry training incurs more employees to travel to your place, then you need to spend more for the same and it consumes more time as well. Adapting to AR/VR technology in training allows your employees to work from home or get trained from the place they are. This helps in cutting downtime and expenses in a great manner.

Offers Different Learning Methods

VR offers various learning techniques such as visual, tactical, kinesthetic and auditory which provide a better approach for people with different mannerisms.

How does AR/VR technology
help in industrial training?

AR/VR technology can be applied in any of the subjects that require a
practical and pictorial representation of theoretical subjects.

Design and Representation

This is the first stage of implementing AR/VR into work. The technology can cleverly and clearly explain how your product may look like and how physical models appear virtually. For example, if you are into car manufacturing, virtual reality models provide you the opportunity to see the model you have designed and do fixes if any before it goes into the market. The look and appeal of the model streamline your repair mechanism completely.

Stock Management

Applications developed based on VR/AR technology let you manage and monitor your inventory such as stock of goods or products, liabilities and assets and other important aspects of inventory management.
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Protection and Consistency

AR/VR technology reduces the downtime as well as expenses incurred with machine repair and maintenance, which, in turn, improves employee security. It becomes easy to handle potential production threats and hazards to ensure the safety and quality of the organization and employees.

Live Work Environment:

You can engage real-time instructions to your employees in case of training or any common announcement or meeting that still delivers a live experience as if the corresponding person is talking in front of them. This increases their motivation level and lets them work happily and joyfully.

List of Few Best AR/VR applications Used
for Industrial Training

It has been proved that AR/VR training doubles the traditional training method with respect to effectiveness, time and cost. Here are the lists of top AR/VR applications used by the top companies for industrial training.
Immersive Vehicle

FIVE (Ford
Immersive Vehicle

Top Automotive company Ford prefers using this Virtual reality technology for creating a virtual representation of the vehicle that allows engineers to design future cars and to work along with the remote team for designing.



One of the best reality headsets which can be used as a remote assist. Several top warehouses around the world prefer this headset for gathering location details of the particular items stored.

Connected Plant

Connected Plant Skills Insight Immersive Competency

Honeywell adopted a cloud-simulation tool with a combination of both AR and VR technologies on delivering effective and efficient training to their plant personnel for handling critical and complex industrial tasks in simple and safe methods.

Oculus Rift


One of the most advanced VR headsets available in today’s market is widely used by educational institutes, health care centers, manufacturing units, and defense forces for offering effective VR training.

Why Bevond?

Technology can be challenging, changing or improving at any point based on experts’ innovation. But it is you to decide which suits your organization the best.

We, at Bevond, make sure that your industry reaches the Bevond level in technology, which impacts the success of any organization. We have experts who are into developing AR/VR based applications by providing a deep analysis of your industry and its functionality.

We make sure our applications are Eco-friendly and employee-friendly. We are a pioneer when it comes to developing AR/VR technology apps for many real-time scenarios of many of our clients, who are happy with our quality of service. Contact us for any help with the AR/VR app development queries.


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