Going beyond the Level in Technology

AR/ VR has its footprint in every industry especially education and has been finding immense growth for the past 4 to 5 years. Several e-learning companies rely on AR/ VR technology to introduce a new arena in the field of teaching.

Benefits of AR/VR technology in the
Education Industry

There are plenty of reasons to state how AR/ VR technology benefits the education industry.
Amongthose few of the vital points are listed below for your references.

Learning materials at your affordability

Materials such as posters, digital illustrations, real models, prototypes, etc. are very expensive such that not every school can afford to purchase. AR technology provides individualistic and common illustration methods with avoiding investment in the aforementioned supplementary materials.

Teaching through interactive sessions

AR/ VR technology ensures that all lessons, demonstrations and other video representations are available to students on their parents’ smartphones or their own smartphones, reducing the restriction of teaching and making an effort to produce digital content as classroom sessions.

Amazing presentation

Students get an opportunity of receiving lessons through infographics, statistical charts and 360 images or videos that give them real-time experience and practical knowledge of understanding lessons. With this technology, you can bring in any guest lecturer virtually and provide students a live classroom environment.

High knowledge retention

With incorporating AR/ VR technology in your school’s education system, the retention rate of subject knowledge among students becomes high. It follows both online and offline methodologies to teach a session, and thus students take the pictorial form of content into their mind.

Enthuses intellectual curiosity

AR/VR technology helps teachers create an authentic classroom environment for students offering unique and multiple learning styles. Modern students enjoy using technology in many forms and learn it quickly for having a better vision towards their education.

How is AR/VR technology
used in Education?

AR/VR technology can be applied in any of the subjects that require a
practical and pictorial representation of theoretical subjects.


This subject uses a 4D representation of animals such as Dinosaurs, where students wish to explore more details about animal body parts and functionality. More or less it appears as an animated 3D model with description of the animal and its other related information.


This is a simple and fun-loving process for students by making interaction between 3D models for microparticles. By creating interactive 3D models, students will be motivated and stimulate learning. Also, introducing AR/VR technology will create a co-operative environment where students can feel safer while doing chemical experiments.

History and science

Both AR and VR provide equal opportunity to implement the practical representation of subjects and theories by integrating both technologies in the form of an application. With the AR technology, students can be trained using 3D objects into the classroom, walk around them and explore in detail. It can be anything that you never imagined such as tornadoes, volcanoes, DNA, circulatory system, the moon landing, etc.

Medical education and training

Medical students can effectively learn anatomy by 3D human models. Simulations could be the main factor where students may need help. It allows practicing surgeries on virtual patients so that they won't panic while doing real surgery.

Various AR/ VR applications introduced
for education

Many applications were introduced for the benefit of students and teachers for improving the modern education system. Here are some kinds of educational apps that we can develop with unique and exceptionally well features, including notification, course activities, syllabus, live tutorials, interactive sessions, and so on . If you already have an educational app idea, let's discuss with our expert. We have an excellent team of developers who work for you to convert your idea into reality. Few of the educational apps ideas are listed below.

  • 3D visualization & Gamification to explain concepts
  • 3D animation & interaction to take quizzes & exams reinforcing concepts
The above ideas can be targeted for different subjects like:
  • Anatomy App for science and medical students
  • Chemistry App for science students
  • Space & planetary objects app
  • Prehistoric world app
  • Preschoolers app
  • Special skills & courses app
  • Language Learning & translation App
  • Subject-specific middle & high school app
  • 3D coloring books

We are experts in developing AR/ VR apps similar to the aforementioned apps not only for education or e-Learning but also for gaming, retail, real estate and more.

Why choose us as the developers for
AR/VR solutions?

Bevond pioneers on producing world-class Augmented Reality applications for industries. With all the
necessary technical supremacy, Bevond always delivers cutting edge AR encounters that allows
you to hold a solid foothold over the competitors.

Technical Proficiency

All our architects, designers, and developers are highly skilled and vastly experienced to deliver futuristic AR/ VR based solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering products that match the current trends in this niche.

Dependable Presence

Architects, designers, and developers of Bevond will always be there for easy accessibility and regular reporting to ensure consistent support and consultation for your AR/ VR app development.

Unbeatable Security

By understanding the importance of safeguarding your creative ideas/ content, we at Bevond ensures providing flawless security features for all our services.

Agile Methodology

With the aid of our team, engineering world-class AR/ VR applications in a quick time. Yes! No need to wait for a long time to get AR/ VR apps, Bevond delivers it at a committed time-frame.

Competitive Pricing

Designers of Bevond help to design AR/VR apps that cater to all the specific needs of a start-up and for a large-size enterprise at an affordable price.

Our USP’s

Bevond makes sure that sticking on to our work policies gets your work completed within the stipulated time along with exceptional, innovative and result-oriented application. Unlike other companies, Bevond spends a significant amount of time on research & development to make sure of bringing the best for you with the below listed super cool features.

  • Robust 2D Tracking
  • Superimpose 2D images with Interactive 3D models
  • 2D & 3D Animations
  • Adding games to the AR/ VR app
  • Cloud-Powered apps

Looking to engineer creative world-class AR/ VR apps! Believe Bevond! Bevond Makes Everything Possible! Bevond simply transforms your vision into a breath-taking AR/ VR app.


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