Creating Immersive Vehicle Environment with Visualizing Concept

In recent years, with the application of augmented and virtual reality in cars, many automobile manufacturing companies have started integrating AR/VR into their model making. With AR/VR playing the leading role in automated technology solutions, we took this opportunity to develop apps by moving into cars. Our creative minds are given equal opportunity to prove their excellence in developing automotive-based AR/VR new apps.

Benefits of AR/VR technology to
the automobile industry

Virtual reality showroom

Buying a car is not as easy as you purchase apparel. It is challenging, and most of the time leads to cognitive dissonance after you purchase it. To make this process less stressful for consumers, the virtual showroom is being implemented that allows potential buyers to achieve an immersive experience with their car before they purchase it. The virtual car will have the complete mechanism as to how it gave to the consumer, along with a 3D configurator where they can choose different colors, customized seats, and more, and make sure that the consumer is finally happy with the product.

New AR experience for customers

Customers are willing to pay more for products integrated with AR technology for its fast, reliable, and appealing performance, in which the automobile industry is no exception. For example, BMW picked up on this insight and tied up with Accenture to create an AR app that allows its customers to view their upcoming car models in augmented reality without needing to move from home. With an app installed on their phone does the job perfectly.

Virtual test driving

Virtual test driving allows drivers to experience risk-free driving, saving dealers and manufacturers millions of dollars spent on test vehicle damage and maintenance. The recent trend goes with automobile manufacturers willing to invest in making 360 videos for their product, which allows potential customers to experience virtual driving of their cars.

Use Nostalgia for VR

Nostalgia is a familiar marketing tool that customers can make use of and receive notifications on what the brand is and the brand's up-to-date development. It shares the company's story of formation and achievement until now and creates an emotional bond with the brand. Virtual reality helps in bringing back some of the nostalgia for their patrons.

Virtual car simulation

Virtual simulators allow companies to initiate and execute theories and market research. It is always better and safe to test virtually than to test drive a car manually. It not only helps customers have a safe drive but also helps manufacturers in addressing issues with operating the car virtually so that the layer mode adjustment can happen within.

Using AR for self-servicing

With augmented reality, users can interact with the real world through computers enabled with graphics, flawlessly. When it comes to automobiles, the customer can perform a few mechanical works by themselves with instructions pre-loaded through AR technology. Even complicated tasks can be handled easily with AR without the need for an auto mechanic involving physically.

How can the Automobile Industry be improved
with the use of AR/VR Technology?

Both augmented reality and virtual reality play an equal role in the manufacturing industry, and automobiles are
one of the best cases. Some important factors showcase how AR/VR technology is applied in a real-time scenario.

Automotive design and model

Virtual reality is applied in the area of designing a car and making its virtual model. This model certainly displays how a car looks like and does not require a physical model either for display or test drive. The same applies to several other products from the manufacturing industry. Virtual reality reduces the physical effort you put in to design a new car when implemented.

Inventory management

Implementing augmented reality in your automotive inventory management system provides the availability of cars at your manufacturing unit, number of orders to date, tracking of cars, scheduling of car delivery, work orders, and shipping details, flawlessly. Sometimes, artificial intelligence can also fail to show you the stock of spares you require for car manufacturing, whereas AR does its job perfectly. An AR app can help you deal with the inventory efficiently.

Preventing accidents and disruptions

VR technology enables you to prevent accidents while driving through voice and auto-integrated features. For example, the recently introduced cars have accidental prevention instructions or inbuilt accidents, preventing features that saves your life and unnecessary disruptions.

Using instructions from real-time employees

Augmented reality and virtual reality have together proven success in the field of education and e-learning as well. It helps not only students but also industries that require voice and instruction support. When it comes to automotive, you can integrate a real-time engineer's voice to provide directions and solutions to customers during a test drive or repair and mechanism. This helps the company save money, and thus, they invest in the relevancy.

Various AR/VR application Use Cases in the Automobile Industry

Several big car manufacturers have incorporated AR/VR technology into their business and are experiencing immense success.

  • Ford: Ford is the first automotive manufacturing company that incorporated AR/VR technology in reality by developing a program called FIVE, a virtual reality technology. With this, Ford was able to connect its designers and engineers from different countries for working together on car design in real-time. ​​​​​​​
  • Volkswagen: Volkswagen turned towards VR technology through introducing HTC VIVE, a VR head-mounted display that does similar functionality as Ford does.
  • Toyota: Toyota developed the VR driving simulator called TeenDrive365, allowing students to experience driving a car in virtual reality before their on-road debut.

We, at Bevond, make sure that your automotive business ideas are implemented in real-time by developing creative apps that help you grow in terms of customer base and revenue as well. Our quality of work explains to you how we stand one step from others in terms of AR/VR based app development that fulfills your automotive business needs.


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