Helping brands engage with customers on a deeper level

Creating incredible experiences is the ultimate way to captivate customers and augmented reality is the technology that can help you do that!

Bevond lets you create industry specific, custom AR Apps on iOS, Android and Smartglasses.
Explore how AR apps can revolutionize your business.

Print & Publishing

Augmented Reality is a magical technology that can bring text to life. Overlay digital content like video on static content and create engaging experience for your readers. Use Bevond, to bring in a new dimension to your print and publishing business. Create apps that pave way for two-way interaction for your customers.

  • Boost revenues by up-selling print ads
  • Build interactive experience for your existing print content
  • Improve sponsored editorial content with AR
  • Provoke impulse purchase by enabling print-to-mobile ecommerce
print & publishing
pr & advertising

PR & Advertising

Add value to your existing PR & Advertising campaigns by building a custom AR app with Bevond. Such apps allow your customers to interact with your brand in the most meaningful manner. Imagine the kind of effect your ad will have on potential customers when it becomes a game or 3D animation or a video? It definitely drives engagement level and ultimately sales….

  • Entertain customers
  • Generate brand awareness via word-of-mouth
  • Improve product involvement
  • Build superior AR experiences to delight customers
  • Allow customers to visualize themselves at specific locations
  • Make billboard ads more interesting


Strengthen brand loyalty and provoke repeated purchases by building an AR App for multiple platforms. Reach new customers at multiple touch points right through the buying cycle, from browsing to purchase. Allow your customers to browse products, see recommendations, call customer service, share reviews, and ask opinions and much more.

  • Geo-targeted push notifications
  • Deliver personalized coupons
  • Show product details in interactively
  • Try products before purchase
  • Engaging catalogues and brochures
  • Enhance your store layouts
  • In-store navigation
  • Better customer-response rates


Create entertaining gaming apps using AR to offer the best immersive experience to end-users. Here’s why to choose Bevond for developing AR games.

  • Easy scalability
  • No need for infrastructure maintenance
  • Create cross-platform games at no extra cost
  • Store, access, manage game’s media & large files using cloud
  • Integrate social media
  • Include multimedia of your choice

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Enhance healthcare delivery by building high-end, productive apps. Whether you are a medical practitioner, doctor or any healthcare organization, you can now create medical/healthcare apps seamlessly from the back-end.

  • Offer multi-sensory experience
  • Advanced medical imaging
  • High-end computer-aided diagnosis
  • Surgical navigation & robotics
  • Medical simulation
  • Visualize pathology effect
real estate

Real Estate

Let your customers’ walkthrough their dream house virtually. Create incredible AR based real estate mobile apps to provide your buyers a virtual tour of the property which is still under construction. Instill a new life into those static brochures of your real-estate properties and wow your customers.

  • Present construction projects in 3D format
  • 3D illustrations to explore future homes
  • Virtual tours with data glasses
  • Radar display to showcase proximity of nearby properties
  • Superimpose dynamic digital content on your marketing collaterals
  • Link your app to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
Build a powerful AR app for your business now!