Reinvent learning, eliminate communication barriers by
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Learning a language is a fundamental skill which every student is expected to master! However, a major concern facing teachers is that despite months of hard work, students are not able to learn, leave apart master, a foreign language.

Augmented Reality is a new tool to help you make language learning more compelling and effective. AR apps facilitate language learning and deliver an immersive experience to students.

Language Acquisition

Say goodbye to the traditional ways of acquiring a language with Bevond. Apps can be tailored to meet the specific learning needs of your students. Learning new vocabulary by superimposing 3D models on text definitely arouses interest among students to explore the language on a deeper level.

language acquisition
digital storytelling

Digital Storytelling

Create robust mobile & glass apps for foreign language learning in a fraction of time! Augment 3-D pop-ups on language learning textbooks that allow students to learn the language in an engaging manner. The best part is that your app need not be connected to the internet to offer an immersive learning experience. AR apps help learn languages in a whole new way with storytelling.

Sign Language

Augmented Reality has, indeed, turned out to be a blessing for those with hearing disability. You can easily build specific sign language AR apps that help hearing-impaired people to better understand reading and writing. Secondly, those who people, who do not have hearing disability, who have to communicate with hearing-impaired people can learn their sign language to break the communication barrier. How cool is that!

sign language
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