Take your students into past through engaging virtual tours by building AR-enabled apps

Learning history and art does sound fascinating but at times it definitely becomes boring. Professors, often, find it difficult to capture the attention of their students when it comes to teaching ancient history and theories.

Use Bevond to make remarkable AR-based mobile & glass apps that allow your students to walkthrough the ancient world. These apps offer them a real-time view of the past world to improve understanding.

Imagine taking your students at a historical site and the place coming to life with the help of an app and a hand-held device or wearable device like Google Glass. It definitely improves learning to a great extent.

Civil War Sites

Most students don’t find it interesting to learn about the most violent battles fought in the history. With AR apps, you can help students experience the world’s most famous battlefields like never before. These apps will allow students to navigate through battlefields and have access to relevant information in the most convenient and efficient way.

Applications offer students audio and video content to help them explore history of a particular war site. This content is actually triggered by GPS and digital content is displayed once students use their hand-held or wearable devices. What’s more, students can also be taken through virtual tours so that they can learn more about the stories of soldiers who were part of a specific-battle.

The best part about using AR apps is that these allow students to view visualizations of a particular battle’s defining moments.

civil war sites
cultural landscapes

Cultural Landscapes

Let your students interact with historical cultural monuments, landscapes and figures to gather information in a whole new way. AR apps help get evidence on specific historical sites. All this is triggered by GPS on their hand-held & wearable devices depending on the location. Take students on virtual tours that depict how a monument was built and its significance.


Reconstruct past civilizations to offer your students the best learning experience. Augmented Reality is a wonderful technology that allows you to bring the past world to life. Overlay interactive digital information on real-world objects and environment to help students learn in a more engaging way.

Imagine what happens if your students are taken to a historical site where an ancient civilization existed, as soon as they point their app-enabled smartphone or smartglass towards the site, historical figures come to life. It definitely takes learning to the next level!

ancient artifacts & paintings

Ancient Artifacts & Paintings

Build AR apps that help your students bring ancient artifacts and paintings come to life. You can even overlay 3D models over these things to provide historical information in an innovative manner. What’s more, you can even bring to life ancient sculptures.

Add a Layer of Gamification

Create location-based gaming apps that involve students playing historical roles to make learning more fun & entertaining. Some of the elements you can focus on is story-telling, narrations, collaboration, role-playing, mobility and kinesthetic as well. Need help with adding an element of gamification to your app; we will be glad to help you!

add a layer of gamification
Let your students take a sneak peek at the ancient world, start building AR apps now!!!